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Imagine if walls could talk. What tales would they spin? The cozy corner café that witnessed first loves over lattes, the bustling startup where dreams and caffeine mix in equal measure, or the old library whose shelves harbor whispers of the past. That’s where we come in, not just as Cleaning Laboratory but as the next chapter authors of these spaces. Our job? To make sure every nook, cranny, and corner is not just clean but primed for new stories, new dreams.

Here’s a little secret from our playbook: cleaning is less about the act itself and more about the art of care. Picture this – it’s the crack of dawn, and while the city sleeps, our team is already buzzing. There’s Roma, with his headphones on, lost in the rhythm of his work, ensuring each surface shines. Then there’s Svitlana, whose attention to detail means even the most stubborn nooks don’t stand a chance. They’re not just cleaning; they’re setting the stage for life’s moments to unfold.

But let me pull back the curtain a bit more. Last Thursday, we faced what we now fondly call ‘The Great Glitter Catastrophe’ at a local daycare. Imagine every surface, every toy, enveloped in a glittery embrace. Daunting? Absolutely. But when we saw the kids’ eyes light up seeing their transformed space, it reminded us why we do what we do. It’s moments like these that underscore our belief: we’re not just in the business of cleaning; we’re in the business of caring, giving New Yorkers two invaluable assets: health and time.

So, to those who wonder what makes Cleaning Laboratory different, it’s this: we see beyond the dirt and the grime to the stories waiting to be told. We understand that our work is not just about making places look good but about how it makes people feel. It’s about creating spaces where life happens, memories are made, and stories are born.

If you’re nodding along, thinking, “Hey, that’s exactly what I need,” then let’s chat. Whether it’s reviving that cozy café or bringing sparkle (minus the glitter catastrophe) to your space, we’re here. Let’s make those walls ready to whisper new tales together.

Oksana Korposh, owner of Cleaning Laboratory.

The owner of Cleaning Laboratory

Once upon a time, as soon as I, an immigrant, set foot on American soil and saw New York, I fell in love with its grandeur, I was fascinated by its beauty and uniqueness. I really wanted this city to embrace me and become mine. By nationality, I am Ukrainian. A mother of three wonderful sons and even a grandmother already.

I started my career here with cleaning houses. You know, I’ll be honest, having two higher educations and working in a school for almost 9 years, it wasn’t easy. I remember one day, I was walking down the streets of Manhattan, looking at skyscrapers and thinking: “how many people need quality cleaning service, and here I am, so good and qualified. But how do I get this chance and prove to you that I am one of the best?”

That’s how my journey began. Yes, it was long and not always easy. But New York loves the strong and persistent. Now, I can proudly share my achievements, but I have even more plans.

One of the main achievements, I believe, is my team. The girls and boys who have come together under the name “Cleaning Laboratory” to bring our mission to the community always with positivity, self-motivation, and high standards.

But no success would have been possible without you, my clients, who have always supported, inspired, and given me strength and confidence to move forward. You gave me the feeling I dreamed of when I came here, that I am also a part of this great and beautiful city. And I will try to do everything possible to contribute to the development of its wonderful community.

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